Movie " Shui-ri "

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    If Matrix is the movie of the year, Shui-ri is the best Korean action movie. Title "Shui-ri" is the name of fish which lives in the DMZ(Demilitarized Zone) the border line between two Koreas(South Korea, North Korea). Also Shui-ri is a password of North Korean spy who is disguised as natural person in South Korea. "Shui-ri" describes sad situation surrounded two Koreas through two lovers with opposite positions in the movie. Last scene is a tear-jerking scene. This movie shows tragic structure of movies of two nations though they are one race. This type of super realistic films uses a risk theme, but the movie "Shui-ri" has a complete Hollywood scale of high artistic achievement scenes from North Korean spies training scenes to the climax scenes of Seoul Olympic. This includes The Main actor Han Gyu Suck's BERETTA 92 F, DPRK's AK guns, South Korean SWAT team's dark blue uniform with powerful weapons such as MP 5, MP 16 against North Korea spy's DESERT EAGLE. At the absolute climax of looking at the weapons in this movie, we can watch MSG90 rifle, which is a combination of H&K G3/SG 1& PSG-1. We could assume that director Kang Je Kyu is an expert in guns because he managed to display a perfect shooting scene of the main actor Han Je Kyu at the end of the