Movie "True Lies"

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    Blockbuster movie (Terminator) hit moviemaker Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron meet again in this film. In the beginning part, Arnold uses a GLOCK 17, in the middle part, he uses a STURM RUGER KP90/45 caliber (same classification 9mm O1K85), and he uses a compact shooting technique. Super-secret-agent Harry Tasker's own wife thinks he's just a boring salesman; so she has an affair with a salesman who claims he's a secret agent. This confusion mushrooms into a global crisis as Tasker and his wife are caught in the middle of a deadly plot by fanatical terrorists. The enemy of Arnold uses an AKS74U machine gun and introduces KSC TMP gun for the gun maniacs. Absolutely spectacular special effects feature Arnold flying a Harrier jet. In the last scene, Arnold takes a gun out of video camera and shoots 3 enemies within 1.5 second. A must-see movie!!