Movie "the Rock"

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    This is the bloke(Ed Harris) who takes control of Alcatraz and takes the whole of San Francisco hostage by pointing VX gas warheads at them. He dies near the end of the film when shot by Captain Frye and Darrow in the stand off at the end. He gets angry with the Pentagon for forgetting about some Marines who died for their country, and reminds them of this fact. Stanley Goodspeed(Nicolas Cage): This guy is a Chemical weapons expert who works for the FBI. .According to Walmac, he(Sean Connery) has no identity, not in the United States nor Great Britain, and he does not exist. He has a tendency to make people look stupid and annoy them and also likes calling them "fucking idiots". Rebel troops use M 16 series, U.S Navy Seals use M6 series in this movie. Thrilling story line though weapons are pretty traditional models. Nicolas Cage uses a pair of M92F look-alikes to express his emotion in the situation.