Movie " Leon "

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    This film, better known in the U.S as "The professional", is a wonderful and intense film. Jean Reno plays his role as a "cleaner" with incredible subtlety. We can find solitary attractiveness from Leon (Jean Reno), feel sad from Matilda'tough life, and get angry when we watch bad cop Garry Oldman's craziness. M16 modified version of gun appears in Leon aiming at Matilda in the heart of Central Park. Leon arms himself with many SIG rifles and has a great action scene against a SWAT team. So this is a must-see movie if you have a firearms mania. Though Leon arms himself with compensator M 92 and fight against them, he is not able to win. In the last scene, extreme sadness touches audiences when bullets are piercing Leon's side and shoulder. Extremely solitary lives of main actors and actress derive painful sadness in the movie.