Movie "The Peacemaker"

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    How would Russia's former nuclear weapons be? This is a conspiracy political military action movie, which was directed by female director Mini Leder. Co Brash Special Forces Intelligence Officer Thomas Devoe (Clooney) teams up with anti-smuggling official Dr. Julia Kelly (Kidman) who doesn't show her sexy aspect. But she tracks down runaway nuclear bombs which have fallen into the dastardly hands of a Yugoslavian terrorist determined to draw attention to the slaughter in his former homeland by nuking midtown Manhattan. Dr. Julia Kelly (NICOLE KIDMAN), is the newly appointed head of the White House Nuclear Smuggling Group. Clooney has sparkling shooting scenes with his BERETTA M 92F. American troops in this movie use M16A2, which appears in this movie most of time. The scene of soldiers getting off a military truck in the heart of Manhattan is the climax of this movie.